Roger Casement on the Great War: A Commentary (2017) Athol Books. A commentary on two articles by Roger Casement ‘Sir Roger Casement on Sir Edward Grey’ and ‘A Pacific Blockade’ from The Continental Times.

Sie wollten den Krieg (Editors Effenberger & Jim Macgregor) Kopp. Article on how the British Committee of Imperial Defence planned the Great War (German Language)

Resurgence- The Catholic Predicament in ‘Northern Ireland’ 1969-2016, Volume Two (2016) Athol Books. Volume Two, telling the story of how August 1969 produced a defensive insurrection and a 28 year war that transformed the position of the Catholic community in the North.

The Armenian Insurrection and the Great War – A Cautionary Tale of Betrayal (2015) Athol Books. A republication of Dr. Garegin Pasdermadjian’s 2 works: Why Armenia Should be Free (1918) Armenia and Her Claims to Freedom and National Independence (1919) with a commentary arguing that it was the interaction between the Great Powers’ decision to destroy the Ottoman Empire during the Great War and the Armenian Insurrection which led to the tragic events of 1915.

Lord Hankey: How we planned the Great War (Problems No. 19/20, Quarters 3 and 4, 2014) Athol BooksHow far from intervening in the Great War at the last moment or drifting into it unprepared, Britain planned it behind the scenes and away from the gaze of its democracy for about a decade before 1914.

Catastrophe – The Catholic Predicament in ‘Northern Ireland’ 1914-68, Volume One (2014) Athol Books. How the Catholic community suffered a great catastrophe in 1920-1 by being consigned to the perverse political entity that Britain constructed in the Six Counties and how they tried to break out of it. First in a two volume series to be followed up by ‘Resurgence’ that describes events from 1969 to 2014.

The Great Fraud of 1914-18 (2014) Athol Books. A comment on the portrayal of the World War in Ireland and Britain and description of what it was really all about and where the true responsibility for it lies.

The Events of 1915 in Eastern Anatolia in the context of Britain’s Great War on the Ottoman Empire (2013) Athol Books, 23pp. A talk given by Pat Walsh at the London School of Economics on February 15th 2013 placing the Armenian tragedy in the context of the world war, Imperialist ideology and Ottoman governance.

Remembering Gallipoli (2010) Athol Books, 27pp. A comment on Irish President Mary McAleese’s Remembrance Crusade to Gallipoli in the context of what the British invasion of Ottoman territory was really about.

Britain’s Great War on Turkey, from an Irish Perspective (2009) Athol Books. The story of why Britain made war on Ottoman Turkey its effects in the region and the world and how Ireland saw it.

Britain’s Great War, Benedict’s Lost Peace (2005) Athol Books, 28pp. The long forgotten peace initiatives of Pope Benedict which failed to stop Britain’s catastrophic Great War.

The Catholic Bulletin on Peace, War and Neutrality (2004) Athol Books. 92pp. A selection of readings from the much maligned Catholic Bulletin of the 1930s in which inter-war politics in Europe are described in with unsurpassed quality in Ireland.

The Rise and Fall of Imperial Ireland (2003) Athol Books. Redmondism in the context of the Boer War, its settement and the Great War on Germany. How the Irish Parliamentary Party changed from anti-Imperialists to Imperialists in support of a Great War through the alliance with the Liberal Party and pursuance of Home Rule.

Ireland, 1921 by Lionel Curtis (2001) Athol Books. To mark the 80th Anniversary of the Treaty imposed on Ireland by the Lloyd George Government Lionel Curtis’s article in The Round Table which was the intellectual expression of Britain reconstituting its hegemony over the island, is republished and commented upon.

Introduction to Major C.J.C. Street’s The Administration of Ireland, 1920, with Brendan Clifford (2001) Athol books, 192pp. How the British saw things when Ireland overwelmingly voted for independence in 1918 and Whitehall ignored the result.

Irish Republicanism and Socialism – The Politics of the Republican Movement, 1905-1994 (1994) Athol Books. The Phd thesis, written in 1987, for Queen’s University, published in its true form.  

From Civil Rights to National War, Northern Ireland Catholic Politics, 1964-74 (1989) Athol Books. An early attempt to reconstitute politics in the perverse political construct of ‘Northern Ireland’ by demanding the parties of state take up their responsibility to the people of the Six Counties. This book has been expanded into the Catholic predicament series of 2014-15.

4 thoughts on “Publications

  1. Absolutely brilliant work on the Great War, Britain’s strategy and propaganda, the disingenuous aussault on the Ottoman empire and the Armenian tragedy, and the Irish perspective. I know very few authors who investigated and combined these matters in such a thorough and masterful way, presenting a truly bigger picture. My deepest respect! I hope your works will be widely read, in the UK and beyond (I’m Swiss :-).


  2. Hi, Mr. Walsh,

    I’m a socialist Turkish student, and a young poet. I study Turkish Language and Literature at Bogazici University. I also am a member of a left-wing and republican student organization (FKF). I write articles on literature and art on our web-site and essays on a cultural web-site called

    For a long time, I’ve been interested in Irish music, literature history. When I first listened the song “Foggy Dew”, it was a very exiciting moment for me. Because it was talking about Seddülbahir and Suvla. Therefore I started to search similiraties and a parallel between our independency war and yours. Last week, again I was searching for “Gallipoli and The Easter” and I saw your blog. I thought that maybe we can share our thoughts. Because I also want to write on this topic. These similarities are not known in Turkey, even through left-wing and republican people.

    onur bayrakçeken


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