The Secret Diplomacy of England

The following article by Roger Casement on ‘The Secret Diplomacy of England’ was found by Angus Mitchell and supplied to the RIA in 2000. Angus Mitchell’s recent book ‘One Bold Deed of Open Treason – The Berlin Diary of Roger Casement 1914-1916’ makes fascinating reading and is very enlightening about Casement’s thoughts, many of which he […]

Casement on the Greek Tragedy

The following article was written by Roger Casement in November 1915 for The Continental Times of Berlin. It is just one of a series he composed that have lain neglected for over a century. Some of them will appear for the first time since original publication in 1915-16, in a special edition of Irish Foreign […]

Sir Roger Casement, Denialist

Sir Roger Casement wrote on October 11th 1915: “A fresh ‘Armenian Massacre’ having been deftly provoked by a conspiracy engineered from the British Embassy at Constantinople, whereby English arms, money and uniforms, were to be furnished to the Armenians on condition that they rose against the Turkish Government, England now turns to the humanitarian impulse […]

On The Defeat of England At Lausanne by Ataturk

The current Turkish President recently made a comment on the Treaty of Lausanne. The present writer makes a point of not intervening in Turkish politics. But since this is a historical matter some comment should be made, particularly as it is of interest how the Treaty of Lausanne was seen at the other end of […]

The Apprenticeship of Bomber Bull

The bombing of civilian populations was originated and perfected by Britain in “policing” operations on the frontier of India/Afghanistan and its new construction of Iraq in the inter-war years i.e in the interlude between the two British World Wars on Germany. Hugh Trenchard, father of the RAF, had not been able to put his strategy […]

Democracy and Bombing

The Russians have been bombing Aleppo in pursuance of military objectives. That is hardly something that is unprecedented in warfare over the last century. But in the US and UK the consequences of that bombing are placed on the TV screens in a way that mirrors the absence of all such images of the bombing […]

Casement and the Armenian Genocide

Last week at the Roger Casement commemoration at Murlough Bay in North Antrim Martin Ferris, the Kerry Sinn Fein TD, described the Irish Independent group as an enemy of Ireland. And with good reason given its hatred of the Northern Catholics and its repeated attempts to frustrate that community’s struggle for justice and equality. Now […]