I am a writer on History and Politics with a special interest in Ireland and its struggle for independence. My initial interest was in the problem of the curious political construct of ‘Northern Ireland,’ where I live.  To understand Irish History and Politics I found it necessary to study the Great War of 1914-18, and its influence on the world. In researching the Great War I was not only taken to examine the war on Germany but toward investigating Britain’s war on Ottoman Turkey and other aspects of this formative event. These aspects, many of which are long forgotten, are the subject of this website. I hope you find them interesting.

Pat Walsh


  1. Dear Mr. Walsh, I am a German writer and I’ve read your Great Fraud and the War Book. Excellent work and I would like to send some remarks based on my own WWI researchs via eMail if you like.


  2. Hi Pat,

    In your article on Bryce and Casement you attribute the term ‘fatal philanthropy to George Curzon.

    Can you tell me please where that term comes from. Was it a parliamentary debate?

    If you can supply a reference I’d be most grateful.



  3. I see a lot of anti-Armenian and some anti-Greek posts. Just curious how much the turks are paying you to whitewash history for them? What is the going rate now?

    Also ironic that an Irishman is siding with a genocidal nation/empire. One would think that the Irish, also having experienced genocide at the hands of the English, would sympathize with peoples in other parts of the world who have been subject to mass atrocities.


    • What Nicolai Sennels observed on Danish Muslims about “locus of control” looks like valid for the Armenians also: “Who did this to me?” and “Who has to do something for me?” https://www.newenglishreview.org/custpage.cfm/frm/63122/sec_id/63122

      There is a saying in Serbian which permeates all borders in Balkans: “A Man without an enemy is nobody” Morty, pray tell us whether this saying is true also for the Armenians?

      Reading a text and and marking it “anti-something” is the way to judge it’s worth? Or, is it a better way to look for whether text states facts or not?

      Morty, please be advised that your capital letter usage is well noted as “lapsus linguae” and that conspiracy theories are high on your agenda. https://www.thoughtco.com/slip-of-the-tongue-sot-1692106

      Dr. Walsh, please keep up enlightening work.

      Best regards


  4. Hi Dr Walsh
    Is there any studies on the Ankara Nationalist Government’s relations (if any) with the Irish Independence Movement?
    Are there any direct or indiriect contact between the Turks and the Irish, considering they’re fighting against the British Imperialism at the same time?
    Thank you
    Murat Dogan


  5. Walsh Effendi, I noticed that between Feb. 14 to August 11 of this year you wrote thirteen articles about Armenia/Armenians and all (surprise, surprise) were viciously anti-Armenian. One doesn’t see this type of verbal vomit against Armenians every day even among Turkbeijan “journalists”. I am amazed “The Irish Times”–not exactly “The New York Times” of international coverage–allows you the space to write about Armenia (not exactly the centre of the world) and infuse your arcane lies and the hoary twisting of facts which several English writers better than you have tilled pointlessly and finally given up because they realized they were pissing against the wind when they took on the Armenians–a nation which has been around since 2,250 B.C. How old are you, Doctor agha? I can think of two reasons for your anti-Armenian paranoia: you are a beneficiary of Aliev’s European Laundromat conspiracy (I understand times are tough for ink-stained wretches like you, especially in a backwater burg like the one where you sweat your whorish lies. The second reason? An Armenian woman rejected your advances. Judging by your lager- lout mug, I say she was a discriminating woman.
    My condolences for the bloody nose your Azeri sponsors suffered the other day and in the process ceded several strategic positions to the Armenians who were under attack. Here you have a stamp-sized, landlocked, blockaded country with few natural resources beating a country with more than three times Armenia’s population and a war budget larger than Armenia’s total budget…plus the latest in Israeli weapons (15 Israeli drones bit the dust when Armenia’s home-made anti-drone missiles brought them down). I guess the Az drones were genuine drones–like the useless drones of a hive. For thrity years the Az have been unable to beat Armenia (I hope you don’t say Russia helps us. Russia also sells weapons to corrupt Aliev. With the Az people becoming more defiant every day, I hope Baby Aliev (president for life) attacks us and finds the Armenian army in Baku. This, of course, would mean no more Baku junkets for you and no more Laundromat privileges.
    In writing the above, I am hoping you will write more angry anti-Armenian falsehoods and soon…burn a fuse or two as your alcoholic’s face crushes on the keyboard.”Happy -30- Doc.”


  6. Dear Mr. Walsh,
    Thank you for your work! It has greatly informed my thinking. Thank you for your objectivity. I enjoy reading your critical analysis.


  7. Dear Pat Walsh, I love you, man! I love you, I love you, I love you! Thank you so much man! I mean it! Thank you!


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