Meanwhile in Ireland…

Irish Political Review Editorial of April 2020  Sinn Fein And The Fog Of Party Politics The Treaty parties have run out of steam.  They were rejected individually by the electorate, and they were rejected even as a pair.  They were rejected because they became a pair.  And they became a pair when Fianna Fail rejected […]

Nəriman Nərimanov – 150

Nəriman Nərimanovun Ev Muzeyi Bu il fevral ayının 11-də muzeyimizi Şimali İrlandiyanın Belfast şəhərindən gəlmiş tarixçi və siyasi analitik Patrik Uelşin ziyarət edildiyini bildirmişdik. Ekskursiyadan sonra ziyarətçi Nəriman Nərimanov haqda məqalə üzərində işlədiyini bildirmiş və işi başa çatdırdıqdan sonra həmin materialı bizə göndərəcəyinə söz vermişdi. Hazırda Abu-Dabi (Birləşmiş Ərəb Əmrliyi) əmrliyində yaşayan doktor Uelş mart […]

Happy Nowruz 1920 (from the Armenians)

One hundred years ago this week the Armenian Dashnaks in Erivan presented Bolshevik Russia with a present for Nowruz – a clear road into the Southern Caucasus. This present was designed to take advantage of the Azeris at a moment of their celebrations, catching them by surprise, and deliver them into the hands of Soviet […]

Nariman Narimanov – a patriotic, humanistic, Bolshevik

Nariman Narimanov, who was born 150 years ago this April, was a patriotic, humanistic Bolshevik. He was also the major figure who facilitated the Bolshevization of the Republic of Azerbaijan, which began around this time in the same month 100 ago. It may seem strange to some readers to commemorate these two events. After all, […]

Massacre at Khojaly (February 26, 1992)

This is the 28th Anniversary of the massacre at Khojaly, when Armenian forces destroyed an Azerbaijani town in Nagorno-Karabakh and killed over 600 people in cold blood. The following is the text of an interview I gave to Eurasia Diary/Eurasia Media Network with my thoughts on the event: ED: 28 years have now passed since […]

James Bryce – the Historian who sold out

I am grateful for the following contribution from a reader: The Year 1915 in the Ottoman Empire and the Work of the War Propaganda Bureau at Wellington House – A Departure Point for the Truth Seeker – James Bryce’s “The Treatment of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire 1915-1916”, (London: G.P.Putnam’s Sons for HMSO, 1916) is […]

The Liberal Fear of Russia

In 1914 there was unease within British Liberalism about allying itself with Russia in pursuance of its Great War. Sure, the Russian Steamroller was the necessary instrument to occupy the Germans in a two front war while they could be worn down by a Royal Navy Blockade. But Russia was, after all, geopolitical enemy number […]