Deux: Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

“Since in the domain of foreign affairs Great Britain spoke for her whole Empire, and since the seas of the world were controlled by the unchallenged strength of the British Navy, the influence of Europe was predominant over the whole globe, while at the same time no world war was possible without British intervention.” (G.M. […]

Un: L’Angleterre d’aujourd’hui

“When circumstances alter, the British have the gift of adapting themselves very quickly to new conditions without dwelling upon what is past. Old principles, old ideas, old memories do not influence them. It is, however, very disconcerting to those of their associates who cannot change their attitude with the same facility.” (L’Angleterre d’aujourd’hui, p.19) So […]

The Origins of the Long War in Historical Context

The following is a review by Dave Alvey of ‘Resurgence’ published in the November issue of The Irish Political Review: In the course of a hatchet job in the Irish News on Pat Walsh’s recently published book, ‘Resurgence—the Catholic Predicament in ‘Northern Ireland’, and its companion volume, Catastrophe, Dr Robert McNamara, a history lecturer at […]

Dublin Book Launch

BOOK   LAUNCH by the author: Dr Pat Walsh Friday 11 November 2016 7:00 pm The Pearse Centre, 27 Pearse Street, Dublin 2  “The Catholic Predicament in ‘Northern Ireland” Volume Two Resurgence 1969-2016   Chair: Mark Langhammer  Belfast Historical & Educational Society  In August 1969 came a pivotal event in the collective experience of the Catholics of […]

Bombing Vindicated

There has been much criticism lately of Russian bombing in pursuance of military objectives in Syria. The bombing has been purely of a military character to support the boots on the ground wresting territory from the enemy. It does not have the objective of obliterating the civilian population in pursuit of their destruction of their […]

On The Defeat of England At Lausanne by Ataturk

The current Turkish President recently made a comment on the Treaty of Lausanne. The present writer makes a point of not intervening in Turkish politics. But since this is a historical matter some comment should be made, particularly as it is of interest how the Treaty of Lausanne was seen at the other end of […]

Sie wollten den Krieg

Sie wollten den krieg – wie eine kleine britische elite den ersten Weltkrieg vorbereitete. Wolfgang Effenberger, Jim MacGregor (HG.) Dr. Pat Walsh: Schlafwandler? Von wegen! Das Committee of Imperial Defence. Wie Grossbritannien seinen Krieg gegen Deutschland plante. Danke.