IPR Special on The ‘Northern Ireland’ Crisis

The following is a special edition of The Irish Political Review on the present crisis in ‘Northern Ireland’: The general historical context of the current crisis in the Northern Ireland institu- tions is that Ireland was Partitioned by the British Parliament and part of it retained within the UK under the most extraordinary conditions. The […]

The Origins of the Long War in Historical Context

The following is a review by Dave Alvey of ‘Resurgence’ published in the November issue of The Irish Political Review: In the course of a hatchet job in the Irish News on Pat Walsh’s recently published book, ‘Resurgence—the Catholic Predicament in ‘Northern Ireland’, and its companion volume, Catastrophe, Dr Robert McNamara, a history lecturer at […]

A Sniper from an Ivory Tower (Part II)

In this article I will look at the “political criticism”made by Dr. McNamara of the ‘Catholic Predicament’ books, ‘Catastrophe, 1914-68’ and ‘Resurgence, 1969-2016’ in his Irish News review (28.7.16). It also deals with the other criticisms made by Dr. McNamara. Previous criticism was dealt with in earlier pieces. “literary criticism was dealt with in an earlier […]

A Sniper from an Ivory Tower

This article deals with what we might describe as the “literary criticism”made by Dr. McNamara of the ‘Catholic Predicament’ books, ‘Catastrophe, 1914-68’ and ‘Resurgence, 1969-2016’. The political criticism – what exists of it apart from long-range sniping – will be dealt in a subsequent piece. McNamara begins his Irish News review with a rather misconceived […]

Resurgence at Féile an Phobail

I will be giving a talk on Resurgence during Féile an Phobail at St. Mary’s College, Falls Road, Belfast Tuesday 9th August at 1pm Everyone Welcome Dé Mairt 9 Lúnasa, 1.00 i.n. Seoleadh leabhair agus caint i leabhar Pat Walsh ‘Catastrophe’ tugann sé cuntas ar na rudaí a tharla sa Tuaisceart idir 1914 agus 1968. […]

A Short Reply to The Irish News

The following letter was published by The Irish News today in reply to the review of ‘Resurgence’ written by Dr. Robert McNamara. Letters to the newspaper are limited to 500 words so a more extensive reply will appear on this site soon. The Irish News gave it the headline, ‘View of Haughey as Catholics’ Best […]

The Irish News and Resurgence

The following review of Resurgence written by Dr. Robert McNamara, History Lecturer at the University of Ulster, was published by the Irish News on 28 July. It has been reproduced below without comment. A reply will appear in good time: “Catastrophe and Resurgence: The Catholic Predicament in ‘Northern Ireland’ Volumes I and II, by Pat […]

No Commemoration Here!

Whilst Nationalist Ireland is bending over backwards to accommodate the great Imperial blood sacrifice of the Battle of the Somme in its historical memory there is no spirit of reciprocity in the DUP toward the Irish democracy. For the DUP the Irish democracy – which had to be established by a war of independence when […]


In the beginning was ‘Northern Ireland’. This weird political concoction was set up in 1920/1 for British Imperial purposes quite apart from any desire to produce a settlement of the national division on the island and “the better government of Ireland”. The detachment of the 6 Counties from the rest of the island and their […]