Sie wollten den Krieg

Sie wollten den krieg – wie eine kleine britische elite den ersten Weltkrieg vorbereitete. Wolfgang Effenberger, Jim MacGregor (HG.) Dr. Pat Walsh: Schlafwandler? Von wegen! Das Committee of Imperial Defence. Wie Grossbritannien seinen Krieg gegen Deutschland plante. Danke.

Resurgence at Féile an Phobail

I will be giving a talk on Resurgence during Féile an Phobail at St. Mary’s College, Falls Road, Belfast Tuesday 9th August at 1pm Everyone Welcome Dé Mairt 9 Lúnasa, 1.00 i.n. Seoleadh leabhair agus caint i leabhar Pat Walsh ‘Catastrophe’ tugann sé cuntas ar na rudaí a tharla sa Tuaisceart idir 1914 agus 1968. […]

Dublin in Denial

Below is another extract from the final chapter of ‘Resurgence’- part 2 of the Catholic Predicament in ‘Northern Ireland – due out this summer: The scapegoating of Sinn Fein in the South for the conflict in the North has portrayed it as having wantonly began an illegitimate and unnecessary War against a normal system of […]

1916 – A Pivotal Year

1916 was a pivotal year for the British Empire and for the world. In 1916 Britain suffered the humiliating surrender at Kut, a serious revolt in Dublin, the naval reverse at Jutland and the massive blood sacrifice at the Somme. It was no nearer winning the Great War it had begun two years earlier against […]

An Unwon War

This summer will see the publication of ‘Resurgence’ – the second and final volume of ‘The Catholic Political Predicament in ‘Northern Ireland.’ It takes up the story where ‘Catastrophe’ left off, in August 1969, the pivotal event in the resurgence of the nationalist community after the catastrophe of 1920-25. From the final chapter ‘Restless in […]

Centenary of Kut al Amara

The following talk was given to the Royal Canadian Military Institute in Toronto, Canada and Ottawa University at the end of March 2016 Easter week of 1916 was a very bad 7 days for the British Empire. It started with a serious Rising in Dublin against British rule in Ireland and ended with General Townshend’s […]

Were the Armenians ‘über-Jews’?

In his Irish Times (20/2/16) book review of ‘Justifying Genocide: Germany and the Armenians from Bismarck to Hitler’ by Stefan Ihrig,  Lawrence Douglas states: “Ihrig brilliantly lays bare the ‘confluence’ between German anti-Semitic and anti-Armenian stereotypes. Jews and Armenians were treated as ‘Semitic cousins’, with the latter playing the role of ‘quasi-‘ or even ‘über-Jews’.” The […]