The Ottoman Road to War

There has been a strange silence in this part of the world over the centenary of the opening of the Great War on the Ottoman Empire. After the great fanfare surrounding the centenary of the war on Germany and all the nonsense about Ireland having apparently forgotten its part in such a world-historic event nothing […]

Happy Birthday Turkey!

On the Republic of Turkey’s Republic Day, Happy Birthday from Ireland. There are many parallels between Ireland’s and Turkey’s struggles for independence which were apparent to both Irish Republicans and Turkish nationalists at the time. A few years ago I discovered that an enthusiastic commentary had been published in Ireland about Mustapha Kemal Atatürk, the […]

The Guardians of the Gate Part II

The Second part of the Guardian of the Gate looks at British geopolitics and the way Serbia was supported in war as the gatekeeper between Europe and Asia. The maritime power, Britain, was determined to prevent a stable and prosperous Europe developing and connecting up with the Eurasian heartland. This part also describes how Britain […]